Shiavault was created with the intention of making Islamic books maximally accessible. It aggregated multiple resources from around the web, and it focused on providing a minimal and fast experience for reading, both online or offline via e-Readers. The hope is that as long as knowledge is easily accessible, at least then, it's on the individual to decide how much effort they want to put in to expand their understanding.

Since Shiavault's creation, many websites have significantly improved their reading experience and thus Shiavault's existence is not particularly required. You can easily read and consume content from e.g. Al-islam.org and you are encouraged to do so and support them accordingly. However, many people do still access Shiavault for quick references, so this domain will remain up without any plans to expand on it further.

We sincerely hope the site helps you in your quest to understand Islam, and we hope you find the answers you are looking for.