A Bundle of Flowers

Hasten to Marry

The Holy Prophet (S) said: "Verily, maidens are like fruits of a tree; when its fruits ripen and are not reaped, sunshine ruins them and the wind scatters them. Maidens are in the same situation. When they comprehend what the women perceive, there is no remedy for them save a husband. If they are not given in marriage, they will not be secured from corruption, because they are human beings, too. (They have the same human instincts and temperament as others)."

Al-Kafi, vol. 5, p. 337

The Holy Prophet (S) said: "Any young man who marries at the beginning of his youth, his devil moans and intensively regrets that he has protected two-third of his Faith from Satan."

Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 103, p. 221

The Holy Prophet (S) said: "O' young people! If one of you is capable of marrying, then do it, because it is good for your eyes (not to stare at women) and protects your privy part (to remain more pious).

Mustadrak Wasa'il-ush Shi'ah, vol.14, p.153

The Holy Prophet (S) forbade the life of celibacy, and prohibited women from living in chastity and allowing their selves to remain unmarried."

Mustadrak Wasa'il-ush Shi'ah, vol.14, p. 248