A Code of Practice For Muslims in the West

Editor's Note

This book is the second in its league. It is yet another contribution of the author, as-Sayyid Abdul Hadi al-Hakim, after the publication of the translation of his book alfatawal muyessarah - Jurisprudence Made Easy, to the effort of making the body of fiqh (jurisprudence) easier for the layman to come to grips with.

Translating such work is a challenging task. Yet the translator, as-Sayyid Mohammad Rizvi, has done a great job. However, where I saw the reader's interest is better served, I have made some changes. The title of the book now reads, A Code of Practice for Muslims in the West. To avoid repetition, I decided to collate the translator's footnotes, dealing with clarifying the meanings of the Arabic terms, as well as some other "Frequently Used Terms" under one title, i.e. "Glossary".

I must stress, though, that throughout the process of making these changes, and others for that matter, I was in close consultation with both the author and the publishers, Imam Ali Foundation, UK, London.

I pray to Allah, the Exalted to forgive any inadvertent mistake or error of judgment I may have made in the course of editing the book. I also implore Him to make this work of mine a step towards attaining His approval, that He accepts it favourably and make it of use.

Najim al-Khafaji, BA