A Numeric Classification of Traditions Oncharacteristics

Translators’ Foreword

We thank God the Almighty for the opportunity granted to us to undertake the preparation of Al-Khisal (A Numeric Classification of Traditions on Characteristics) in two volumes after the successful completion of Uyun Akhbar al-Reza (MGB) in two volumes, An Anthology of Islamic Poetry in two volumes, Imam Reza’s (MGB) Pilgrimage Procedures and Prayers, A Divine Perspective on Rights, The Treatise on Rights, Mishkat ul-Anwar Fi Ghurar il-Akhbar and The Islamic Family Structure.

We have exactly cited the references to Holy Quranic verses for coherency using an available translation of the Quran into English by Mr. Abdullah Yusuf Ali (May God Reward Him).

We take this opportunity to thank Ms. Maryam Fajr Peiravi for her valuable assistance during the research and translation of this work. We warmly welcome any suggestions made by the readers that might help us learn about our mistakes and shortcomings, and help us improve our future works.

Dr. Ali Peiravi
Ms. Talat June Peiravi
Ms. Lisa Zaynab Morgan