Economic System in Islam Compared with Capitalism and Socialism


The urgent need of Islamic literature is felt throughout the world. Many young Muslims by birth, when asked which religion they adhere to their answer comes hesitatingly Muslims. Many others deny or hide their identity and claim to be progressive `atheists,' since it is the fashion now! It is needless to say that this shameful situation has resulted from ignorance. It is the dreadful ignorance about Islamic ideals, concepts, and philosophy.

Anyone is shocked at comparing the magnificent role played by Muslims in history, and seeing today's Muslims. It is acknowledged that Muslims had performed remarkable achievements in every field such as, astronomy, algebra, geometry, chemistry, optics, and medicine. The human and organisational fields received their full share also, where the form of government is formulated, wealth is evenly and justly distributed, rights are protected.

The topic of this booklet is the economic system in Islam. This might cause astonishment among Muslims who received Western style education. They are taught that religion is a mere relation between God and man. They are told that religion has nothing to do with society, its welfare and organisation. This world is Caesar's Kingdom, while God's Kingdom is the next world. Islam firmly rejects these foreign ideas, and dictates that both worlds are belonging to God alone, and it is the Heavenly light which truly guides towards prosperity.

The Muslim Youth Association, which came into existence last year, is striving to perform the required Islamic duties. This series of booklets is a humble work, which we seek through it discharging the big responsibility resting on our shoulders. It is a small contribution towards the awakening of Muslims, and aid them in retaining their identity in this wild struggle of ideologies. It is the right of Islam to be known, before being judged, whether by Muslims or non-Muslims.

This series of booklets will cover some popular Islamic topics, in a short and lucid style, in order to meet the need of young Muslims who want to know the basic Islamic concepts. The writers of these short surveys are young people, who understand very well present trends, and convinced that Muslim youth have been neglected and wronged.

They feel that young Muslims were kept aloof from the sources of Islamic knowledge, either by their fathers' ignorance or by receiving distorted information from non-Islamic sources. We sincerely believe that if the Muslim youth have the opportunity to have a glimpse of the realities of Islam, they would stick to it, and never part from it, as was the case with us.

May God accept our work for His sake, and let it be a good reward in the next world.

Muslim Youth Association