Futures Studies in the European Ex-socialist Countries


In thisquestionnaire we brought together the questions and topics that would facilitate our work in compiling the studies and writing the planned book, and not less to make them internationally comparable.

These questions and topics listed below we thought to deal with among others are:

What institute(s) in your country

did effect futures studies, research programs in the years 1960-1990,

are effecting now? (The name of institute, city etc.)

The most important fields of futures research programs in your country

between 1960-1990,

since 1990 (today). E.g. social, educational, health care, economic, cultural, political, technological, environmental, and others.

Please indicate 3-6 more important futures studies concerning the futures of the fields mentioned above

of your home country,

of global interest - written and published in your country, with bibliography.

Please explain whether a significant change was seen in the period of transition on the future orientation of the population and even in the fields of futures studies activities.

If there was progress, name the fields,

If accidentally the interest and activities declined please, indicate the probable reasons, like the lack of interest of decision makers, the lack of global vision about future importance of the different fields of human activities, loss of people's interest in a longer than one year futures perspective, other(s).

In your feelings the futures studies in your country will tend to revive in the near future and the millennium? In both cases: yes or no, please indicate why.

In our opinions special attention should be paid to the role of the youth in forming the forthcoming future. We would like to know the situation of the youth in the countries forming our common future therefore we thought to raise some questions connected to have an overall picture from the countries involved.

In your experience are the youth of today interested in their future a) short term (1 year), b), medium term (5 years) and c) long-term (10 and more years).

If yes, name the fields and reasons,

If not, please, indicate no more than 5 reasons.

Is futures research taught in your country?

If yes, at what levels in which fields, in which institutes, and since when.

If not, please, indicate why. If it existed before 1990, please indicate the place and the years.

c) Please, make suggestions, recommendations and additional notes to the questions listed above, if any.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.