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Why Is the Meat of Sacrifice Wasted?

Question: What is the purpose of Sacrifice in Mina, whereas much of the sacrificial meat is not used properly and has to be buried?

Answer: As we know, on the 10th of Dhul-Hijjah in the rituals of Hajj, it is obligatory to slaughter an animal in Mina. This is one of the duties to be performed and one of its aims is that it reminds us of the sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.).

The incident of Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.), the friend of Allah is that for the perfection of Ibrahims soul and to prove his sacrifice and show his position Allah commanded him to sacrifice his dear son in an extraordinary way on the land of Mina. Without any doubt this was an examination and its purpose was to prove the capability of this man. Ibrahim (a.s.) carried out the order and later thinking that he has slaughtered his son, when he removed the blindfold he saw a slaughtered sheep in the place of Ismail (a.s.).

The obedience of Hazrat Ibrahim proved spirit of sincerity. Obedience, courage and the spirit of sacrifice was so strong and powerful in Hazrat Ibrahim that he was able to control his fatherly love and emotions.

The pilgrims of the House of Allah by sacrificing an animal commemorate Hazrat Ibrahims sincerity and strong faith and his sacrifice enlightens the hearts; and in this way gives us the lesson of sacrifice and practically says that those who sacrifice everything in the way of Allah are the godly people,

 as that elderly person did, this is one of the secrets of sacrifice on the day of Eid.

Now we will see what the view of Islam on the meat of sacrifice is. Is there any responsibility of the Muslims on this issue?

To answer this question we will see what Quran says about it and whether it also applies to all the Muslims who sacrifice animals on the day of Eid in Mina:

Then eat of them (sacrificed animals) and feed the distressed one, the needy. [Surah Hajj 22:28]

And it also says:

Eat of them and feed the poor man who is contented and the beggar [Surah Hajj 22:36]

It is a verdict in Practical Laws that pilgrims of the house of Allah should divide the meat into three parts: one part should be used personally, one part be given to the Mumineen (believers) and one to the needy.

It is clear from these orders that the purpose of the sacrifice is not only spiritual benefits but also that it should be used in such a way that it is not wasted.

Now it is the duty of Muslim pilgrims and the Islamic government that they should make such arrangements that this meat is not wasted. In the present time such refrigeration should be provided to protect the meat from being buried in the ground and slowly should be utilized for food purpose as the holy Quran has said.

In the past when the number of Hajjis were not so many, the meat of sacrifice was properly used. As due to convenient

 transport, number of Hajjis has increased, that is why with the help of modern amenities, the meat should be protected from wastage and the welfare of the Hajjis, and the Islamic purpose should be kept in mind and that is the duty of the Islamic governments and Muslim intellectuals that they should give Islam a practical appearance and should stop all kind of wastage and if any problem arises, then it is not the deficiency of divine law. The fault lies with the Muslims. [1]

[1] Note: Alhamdolillah, now this sacrificial meat is being distributed among the needy people. As nowadays this meat is sent directly from Makkah to Afghan refugees. (Publisher)