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Why Has Allah Used Plural Pronouns For Himself?

Question: When the Almighty Allah is One, unique and peerless, and knows about His oneness, then why in the Holy Quran he uses the plural pronoun (We) for Himself?

Answer: The use of first person plural noun (We) is the sign of greatness and magnificence of the person (entity) who is speaking and this use is most appropriate and befitting to Allah. Arabs say that the reason for the use of first person plural noun is considered as proof of greatness that great people generally are not alone. The servants, attendants and other people are always around them to fulfill their needs. That is why they always used the pronoun We and the use of this word is a metaphor for greatness.

In this respect, wherever in the words of Allah plural noun is used it reminds us about His greatness and magnificence and we start thinking about those apparent and hidden powers of the universe, which are subordinate to Him. In this way our belief in Tawheed become stronger and our attention towards the sanctified self becomes more.