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What Is Meant By Tauba-e-nasooha?

Question: The holy Verse:

Yaa ayyuhal latheena aamanoo tooboo iallaahi tawbatan nasooha

O you who believe! Turn to Allah a sincere turning. [Surah Tahreem 66:8]

There is a difference regarding this verse, explain its meaning with clarity.

Answer: In the dictionary the meaning of Nasaha is to be clean-pure. On that basis by Tauba Nasooh is meant to that Tauba which is clean, that is pure from sin. And for such pure Tauba it is necessary that man should not return to that sin again. Many traditions narrated by Imams (a.s.) also confirm and support this fact. For example according to a tradition, Imam Sadiq (a.s.) was asked that what is meant by this Quranic verse. Imam (a.s.) said:

The servant of Allah repents on his sin and does not return to the same again.[1]

In another tradition from Imam Hadi (a.s.) it is related that he replied:

Tauba-e-Nasooh is this that while repenting for forgiveness mans apparent (outward behavior) should be

[1] Usoole Kafi

* exactly to his inner feelings (inner self).[1]*

Many other traditions are narrated on the subject and all of them support that Tauba-e-Nasooh means pure repentance in which there is no going to the sin again. And in which the mans apparent self and the inner-self should be the same. His actions should conform to his intentions.

[1] Ma-aniul-Akhbar