Logic For Islamic Rules

What Is the Benefit of Uttering Allahs Name Before Starting Anything?

Question: It is said that at the time of starting any work Bismillah should be said, what is the benefit of this?

Answer: With regard to the purity of mans action, keeping in mind the effect of the attention being paid towards Allah, it becomes evident that at the time of starting every work taking Allahs name makes the man attentive to doing the work correctly and towards uprightness. And if in this precious command of religion there is no other benefit, then too it is enough for its importance that to say Bismillah and to seek help from His Exalted self before the beginning of every work is itself a lesson in training and invites man towards doing the work correctly, sincerely and in upright manner and keeps away from breach of trust and evil (which in the present age is a fountainhead of most of social misfortunes).

Other than this, weak and restricted man is in need of help from Allah in every moment of his life. By saying Bismillah he shows his humility and seeks helps from the Almighty whose Power has no end. Then the Merciful, affectionate, Almighty and Powerful Lord also puts him into His special Grace, favor and attention.