Logic For Islamic Rules

Why Should We Do Taqlid of the Most Learned Scholar?

Question: It is written in Tauzihul Masael that it is obligatory to do the Taqlid of an Aalim. What is the source of this command?

Answer: The Taqlid of Aalim, which is famous among the Mujtahids, is concluded from different proofs, from which we present one clear proof:

The following of a learned by an ignorant person is based on logic and in that sense, and in all the tribes and communities of the world it is the tradition that those who are not expert in any field, when they require the help of experts, contact those who are experts. For example those who are not acquainted with medicine when they fall ill they go to the doctor, and those who do not know how to build, to an architect or a mason. It is also clear that when the views of experts differ; for example a doctor treats his patient in one special way and thinks it to be correct, and the other doctor treats in another way and believes that he is right. So in that case the patient will follow that doctor whose medicinal knowledge is more and expansive, one who has more experience and expertise. In short that one should be more knowledgeable (Aalim) than the other. There will always be a difference of opinion among the experts of a particular field; it is logical. But people follow only that expert who in their view is the best. Different tribes and communities follow this. Whatever is said above is one of the proofs for the Taqlid of an Aalim. Mujtahids have given some proofs on this topic, whose explanation is not possible over here.