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Does the Prophet Also Seek Counsel?

Question: When the Holy Prophet (a.s.) was in contact with the Almighty Allah, why did he need to seek counsel from his companions in martial and social affairs? The Almighty Allah has commanded to him in the 38th verse of Surah Shura that in this matter it is necessary for him to seek advice and counsel. When he was the most wise and knowledgeable of all, why did the Almighty command him to seek counsel?

Answer: These types of questions are replied to in the Holy Quran. Then it is said that:

Certainly you have in the Apostle of Allah an excellent exemplar. [Surah Ahzab 33:21]

Thus the aim of Counsel was education and training and the Holy Prophet (a.s.) sought the advice of his companions thus giving them practical lesson so that after him they would sit together to discuss difficult matters and after consultation may search for the solution of difficult matters. Also when the most intelligent and accomplished person did not refrain from consulting his companions and family from the experience and advice of other, the followers of his religion must take him as an exemplar and act in the same way for solving difficulties. And they must not decide according to their personal whims and fancies. (It is obvious that consultation can only be in the matters regarding whom no absolute command is issued from the Almighty).