Logic For Islamic Rules

What Is the Command Regarding Contraception?

Question: Does Islam permit Contraception?

Answer: In Islamic law there is great encouragement for procreation and increase in population. So much so that the Holy Prophet (a.s.) says: Marry and procreate. Because on the basis of your huge numbers I am proud over other (past) communities. Even on the basis of your aborted children.

The aim of this topic is also clear because the power of a community mostly depends upon its numerical strength. Communities having less numbers are mostly weak and powerless.

It is correct that a country may be populated. Sometimes it may create problems regarding food and housing but in spite of that this same dense population becomes the cause of its strength and greatness. This is the reason why the most powerful communities of the world are those who have numerical strength. As for the food shortage it can be solved through scientific agriculture. Thus contraception is not a good thing in Islamic view. (Except when there are really social and training problems).

In spite of this Islam has not made it illegal and according to the decrees of most of Islamic scholars contraception is allowed if both partners agree. Some have even allowed it even if the wife does not agree. Actually Islam has left the avenue open for the Muslims so that if there is need for contraception (For example the woman is weak or there is

 some other problem) they can gain benefit from this action and avoid pregnancy.

Though we should remember that all this is permitted when the conception has not yet taken place. But when conception has already taken place its abortion is absolutely haraam (forbidden). That is after the conception. (Even if it is one day old.), abortion is not allowed.