Logic For Islamic Rules

Prayer At the Earliest Hour

Question: In order to prove the merit of praying at the earliest hour some scholars have said that Imam-e-Zaman (a.s.) prays at this time and they who pray at this hour their prayer is also accepted by Allah due to the barakah (bounty) of the prayer of Imam (a.s.). But we also know that different areas fall in different time zones. Leave alone the different countries sometimes one country has many times zones. In this condition only the prayer of the people of that area is with Imam (a.s.) where he is praying. Apart from this the prayer timings of other people cannot be same as that of Imam (a.s.). How can we solve this problem?

Answer: Those who have presented this argument to prove the merit of praying at the earliest hour, they mean to say that the prayer which is prayed the earliest hour those prayers are equal to the prayers with Imam (a.s.) because he (a.s.) also prays at the earliest hour. And it is due to this equal value, the prayers of others are also accepted by Allah. This is in no way connected to the matter of time zones etc. In other words it does not mean that prayers have to be performed at one single time. Rather it denotes the fact that all the Prayers have been performed at their respective earliest hours, which every person performs according to his time zone.