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Why the Youth of Today Avoid Religious Thgatherings?

Question: What are the factors that cause a section of youth to remain aloof from religious gatherings? Is not time ripe that we take steps to remove this difficulty? What is the method of solving this problem? And what course of action can be adopted to attract the youth to religious gatherings?

Answer: In our view many youths keep away from religious programs due to a number of factors. Two of them are most important.

First of them is poisonous propaganda that foreign agents have unleashed on our young people since a long time. This had made them suspicious of our religious gatherings and spirituality. Because facts are presented to them in a distorted form.

Another thing is the lack of discipline in the religious programs. And in many programs there is lack of attention to Islamic principles through the exalted knowledge of which the thirst of curious youngsters is quenched.

These two factors are such that due to their effect many of our young people have become distanced from those programs. But fortunately in recent years there has been awakening in our youth. And they have realized the evil intentions of those foreign elements, who used to poison their minds. That is why that youth attend the religious programs in large numbers and we see them present in those programs with our own eyes.

Regarding the second factor of repulsion of the youth, steps have been devised and  there is no lack of people who keep the changing times in view and through Islamic logic can solve the mental confusion of the young Muslims. Though we agree that their number is not as required by the present circumstances.